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Maui National Parks, State Parks and Local Parks

Maui is well known for its beach, weather and natural beauty. Part of that picture is the variety of County, State and National Park offered on Maui.

Maui National Parks

Maui National Parks   Maui National Parks include one huge park, Haleakala National Park. Is 30,183 acres huge? I say yes. Haleakala National Park has primary access from two sections: upcountry Maui via the Haleakala Highway to Mount Haleakala or East Maui Volcano and from the Hana side of Maui at Kipahulu. These are two very different experiences.

Mount Haleakala is at 10,000 feet above sea level. Going to summit of Mount Haleakala is a very special experience. The trip to the summit is quite amazing all by itself. Many people go up to the summit to see the sunrise from the summit. A trip to summit should include a warm jacket, again, you are going to 10,000 feet above sea level. Kipahulu is accessed from the Hana Higway, 10 miles passed Hana. Kipahulu is famous for its pools. A trip to Hana should include a visit to the pools. Bring a bathing suit. You are at sea level and have the opportunity to enjoy multiple fresh water pools.

Mount Haleakala and Kipahulu are part of one National Park. The park has an admission fee. Save your receipt from one and enjoy the other for the same fee.

Both locations offer some of the best hiking on Maui. At the summit be prepared for the hiking in a volcanic crater. Hiking down the crate floor, suggests hiking up the crater floor – strenuous. Have lots of water and energy for the return trip out of the crater. At Kipahula be prepared for an excellent hike with a moderate grade plus lots of access to the stream and pools.

The two major sections of the Haleakala National Park are not connected by road.

Maui County Parks

Every section of Maui offers a selection of County Parks. The list of parks serving Maui is extensive. We are not going to list all the Maui County Parks. Maui County includes the islands of Lanai and Molokai. If you are visiting Maui, there is a ferry to the islands Lanai and Molokai. For Maui County Parks , go to: .

Maui State Parks

Maui Has 8 State Parks. The best way to get familiar with these parks is by visiting the Hawaii State Parks website:   .