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Maui Map - Island of Maui - The Valley Isle

Maui Map by Google maps, Island of Maui, Hawaii. Maui is known as the Valley Isle. Take note that the Island is divided by Mount Haleakela and the West Maui Mountains.

Take a close look at the Island. It is not very large. However, our roads in most area have low speed limits.

The road to Hana is an example of a trip that takes longer than you would expect. The speed limit is mostly 25 miles per hour or less.

We suggest planning your visit to Maui. A good start is with a map of Maui Island.

Can you remember when gas stations gave out paper maps?

If you travel by Hawaiian Airlines, they offer a very good map for each Island they fly to. It is offered free in flight.

Now that most everyone has a mobile phone you probably have access to maps on your smart phone.  You may also have access to a GPS or an app that can assist navigating while are driving around Maui.  We do not suggest looking at the phone for directions, rather have a passenger help get you on the right roads.

The one resource you can depend on is our car rental companies. They all offer maps of the Island.  Whether you have a map or not, please ask for directions to your accommodations. Maui mostly has one road to go to any area of the Island.  However, it only takes a minute to get pointed in the right direction.  The agents can help make your first hour on Maui easy and safe.