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By: frank | September 23, 2015

Though traveling is very interesting, the troubles of getting the right transport facilities to reach the travel destination is a cumbersome process. There are instances where the actual plan of travel is dropped on not getting the right transport arrangements. This being the case, rental car companies have established at a great speed to tap this market of tourists and offer them the convenience of travel and transport.


What they offer?


Cars are hired out on rent for a specified period of time (days to weeks) for a charge. Along with the vehicles they also provide insurance, global positioning systems, mobile phones and entertainment systems.  As the owner of a car rental company maintains a fleet of vehicles catering to various types and models, the choice of the type and kind of vehicle is left to the hands of the customer.


How are charges levied?


Car rental charges are split across the following factors:

  • Base Price.
  • Distance Charges - this does not apply in Hawaii.
  • Insurance.
  • Other Charges if any, including optional equipment and Hawaii State taxes/fees.


Car rental companies have a chain of branches across the various Island locations. The base price for these rentals is fixed based on the location to which the vehicles are required and the time period of their requirement.


On top of the base price is the distance that the vehicle is being used. The rates are again fixed per mile or per km of travel. Again, a fixed price is levied for a minimum distance range and further costs for every additional km/mile traveled. Hawaii car rental companies offer unlimited miles, no mileage charges apply.


Insurance charges for the car rented depend on the insurance option chosen by the customer at the time of renting the car. Insurance options on these cars are categorized according to damage, theft, third party insurance, breakage, and personal effects insurance.


Other charges would include airport charges, location charges, surcharge, registration and local taxes.


In spite of all of the above costs, car rental companies also entice the customers based on discounts which may be in the form of coupons, limited offers and seasoned rates.


Benefits of Car rental and its gaining popularity


As against the few cons on the car rental companies, its advantages on the services that are being offered outweigh the differences and hence the increasing popularity of car rentals. It offers the luxury of better planning on our trips, with reduced costs, insurance coverage and systems like the GPS that has a total control on the places and its locations. Online Bookings and the rewards that are offered by these car rental companies are a boost to the increasing popularity and its growth.

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